Execution, Innovation, Location: 3 Reasons to Choose GLOBALFOUNDRIES at 28nm

By Mike Noonen

We recently attended the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, where we showcased our wide array of foundry offerings and met with customers, partners, and industry influencers. All of them asked how GLOBALFOUNDRIES can address the increased demand for 28nm.  We answered that we have three major reasons why our customers can depend upon GLOBALFOUNDRIES for their 28nm needs: execution, innovation and location.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES has a tradition of rapidly ramping leading-edge technologies to volume production.  We delivered the fastest time-to-volume for the 45/40nm production ramp, and we are leading the foundry ramp at 32/28nm in volumes well ahead of others foundries. In fact, earlier this year we reached a major milestone by shipping our 250,000th HKMG wafer, and we have shipped many thousands more since. Overall, we have shipped more HKMG wafers than all the other foundries combined.

Not convinced? Just ask our customers. For example, AMD CEO Rory Read said, “In just one quarter, we were able to see more than a doubling of yields on 32nm, allowing us to exit 2011 having exceeded our 32nm product shipment requirements. Based on this successful ramp of 32nm HKMG, we are committed to moving ahead on 28nm with GLOBALFOUNDRIES.”


Everyone knows our industry faces huge challenges as we move to more advanced technology nodes. At 28nm, we worked tirelessly to maintain true scaling and deliver an industry-leading technology in a System-on-Chip (SoC) design platform based on our production-proven HKMG technology. Here are a few highlights of our 28nm technology in comparison to the previous generation:

  • ~100 percent density increase.
  • Up to 50 percent increased speed and 50 percent reduction in energy/switch.
  • Sustains 40nm layout style advantages: Bi-directional Poly, Poly Jogs, Large Caps.
  • ~20% smaller die relative to 28nm “Gate Last.”

Here again, our customers are seeing the benefits. Thucydides Xanthopoulos, distinguished engineer at Cavium, says with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, his company received outstanding levels of in-depth technical support: “This was essential in addressing the new technical challenges of the 28nm process technology to meet our stringent power requirements and demanding frequency goals. This ensured our product design timeliness and success.”


Not only is GLOBALFOUNDRIES now the second largest semiconductor foundry in the world, but with manufacturing plants located in Europe, Asia and North America, we are the only truly global foundry.

Designed for 32/28nm and beyond, our newest location, Fab 8 in New York, is one of the most advanced semiconductor facilities in the world. Fab 8 is the largest public-private sector industrial investment in state history and a cornerstone of New York’s burgeoning “Tech Valley.” Forbes magazine recently said the Capital Region could become the “Silicon Valley of Nanotech and even surpass it in economic importance.”

To paint a clearer picture of how advanced the nearly 2 million square foot campus is, here are a few more facts:

  • The clean room is larger than 6 football fields and has 7 miles of track for overhead transport vehicles.
  • Fab 8 took over six million man hours to complete – that’s more man hours than it took to construct the Empire State Building in New York City.
  • Fab 8 has over 60,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to build a 105 mile-long sidewalk.
  • 75 miles of pipe total square footage exceeds the Chrysler building in NYC.

Fab 8 is fully operational, ramping ahead of schedule, and shipping products for revenue in early 2013. Once fully ramped, the first fab module will be capable of 60,000 wafer starts per month.

These are just a few of the reasons why customers should work with GLOBALFOUNDRIES on 28nm—and they are. We taped out our first 28nm product in Q4 2011 and we have dozens in the pipeline. To learn more about our complete value proposition at 28nm, check out this video we created for DAC.

Mike Noonen is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Sales, for GLOBALFOUNDRIES. In this role, he is responsible for global customer relationships as well as all marketing, sales, customer engineering and quality functions. 

6 thoughts on “Execution, Innovation, Location: 3 Reasons to Choose GLOBALFOUNDRIES at 28nm

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  5. Entire video is one giant polished ad with few stats. Double yield in 3 months ? Yeah, from like 1% to 2%. Just shows how bad the initial yield is.
    If you want to cater to small players, here’s what I would want to see :
    1) videos ( not quotes ) of the engineers themselves.
    2) they had a problem; too much current leakage in their designs, whatever. GF stayed with them overnight to solve their problem, diagnosed it, traced it back to the culprit machine and solved it in a week ! For free!

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