GLOBALFOUNDRIES in New York: Development, Culture and Community

A Special Report From The Saratogian


This week, The Saratogian, a leading newspaper that covers news from Saratoga Spring and the surrounding communities, published a special insert on GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Totaling 32 pages, the insert consists of four, eight-page sections which explore the history of GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Fab 8, the development of Tech Valley in New York and our contributions to the region. This insert follows a previous special 56-page report by the Albany Business Journal, published in September.

The insert gives you and inside look at our Luther Forest Technology campus in Saratoga County, where about 2,000 people work in the 300,000-square-foot cleanroom and 385,000 square-feet of office space and outside area. Highlights in the special insert include:

  • The story of the evolution and founding of GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Malta in the 1990’s
  • Nano Profiles on employees including Eric Choh, Olivier Vatel, Sandeep Dave, Jim Fedorchak, Emily S. Reilly, Wendy Nicoson, Nakesha Smith, Janet L. Paluh, Deborah Onslow, Alain Kaloyeros and many more!
  • Explanations of the science behind what we do, including keeping products clean, chemical changes and details of working on a nanoscale
  • Why Malta? A description of some of the many reasons why GLOBALFOUNDRIES settled on Malta as the foundation for Fab 8
  • Background on The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) and the G450 Consortium
  • The importance of technology and nanotechnology in the classroom, including how GLOBALFOUNDRIES has partnered with the community, local school districts and nonprofits to promote education

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is proud to be a leader in the global semiconductor community, but we are also greatly invested in the education and development of technology and business in the Capital Region of New York. Read more about that in the special insert, which is available online.

New York’s Nanotechnology Model: Building the Innovation Economy


Today GLOBALFOUNDRIES kicked off an economic symposium, done in partnership with the National Academy of Sciences entitled, “New York’s Nanotechnology Model: Building the Innovation Economy.” Taking place at the Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York, the symposium is intended to highlight NY state and regional innovation initiatives and innovation clusters in leading high-technology sectors such as nanotechnology and semiconductors.

The National Academy of Sciences’ recent report, Rising to the Challenge: U.S. Innovation Policy for the Global Economy, has highlighted global case studies of innovation partnerships. The upstate NY region has been an exceptional demonstration of innovation partnerships between state government, industry and universities. Investments by GLOBALFOUNDRIES, SEMATECH, IBM, The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at SUNY Albany and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have contributed to the success of the region.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is dedicated to the promotion of innovation in NY and in the United States and this was highlighted in the keynote address that CEO Ajit Manocha just delivered at the symposium. According to Manocha, the economy requires innovative approaches to the public-private partnerships that support new advanced manufacturing operations and those operations must be part of the nation’s economic strategy.

Manocha spoke about Fab 8 and other business progress in upstate New York and he shared both his vision for the company and his greater vision on how our company can shape the local, regional, national and global economy. Innovative approaches to public-private partnerships are necessary to support new advanced manufacturing operations which must be part of the nation’s economic strategy.

Defining Investment

In his speech, Manocha discussed the basis for our investment in New York, beginning in 2009 with the construction of Fab 8. Since that point, the Fab has expanded to consist of approximately two million square feet of development and will be capable of delivering a total manufacturing capacity of approximately 60,000 wafers per month once fully ramped with tools and equipment. GLOBALFOUNDRIES has currently made 2,000 new direct jobs in NY and that number is expected to grow by another 1,000 employees by the end of 2014.

Success in New York

Manocha discussed the various high-tech successes including technological innovation, job creation and advanced manufacturing. New York State’s public investments have developed CNSE as a hub of innovation, which combined with GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ private investments in Fab 8, are prime examples of the intimate links between research, innovation and production.

Why Semiconductors Matter in the US

Finally, Manocha touched upon the importance of the semiconductor industry in the United States. Semiconductors are the backbone of today’s modern digital economy, powering everything from smart phones to laptops, and they make up the nation’ largest export. The advanced manufacturing of semiconductors represents a unique opportunity to help the U.S. drive innovation, improve productivity and remain competitive in the global economy.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is thrilled to contribute to the success of New York’s technology industry, but we are also looking forward to the future and the ability to contribute to the U.S. economy on a greater scale. This symposium provides the opportunity to reflect on the success of our work in New York, as well as opportunities for future investment. 

GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Build Leading-Edge R&D Center on Fab 8 Campus

Aerial view of Fab 8 (rendering)

On January 8th, GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced it will soon begin construction on a new research and development facility at the Fab 8 campus.  Featuring more than a half million square feet of flexible space to support a range of technology development and manufacturing activities, the new Technology Development Center (TDC) will play a key role in the company’s strategy to develop innovative semiconductor solutions allowing customers to compete at the leading edge of technology.

TDC site plan

“As the industry shifts from the PC era to a market focused on mobile devices, we have seen increasingly strong interest from customers in migrating to advanced nodes on an accelerated schedule,” said GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO Ajit Manocha. “To help facilitate this migration, we are making significant investments in strengthening our technology leadership, including growing our workforce and adding new capabilities to make Fab 8 the hub of our global technology operations.  The new TDC will help us bridge between the lab and the fab by taking research conducted with partners and further developing the technologies to make them ready for volume manufacturing.”

The TDC will house a variety of semiconductor development and manufacturing spaces to support the transition to new technology nodes, as well as the development of innovative capabilities to deliver value to customers beyond the traditional approach of shrinking transistors.

The overarching goal of the TDC is to provide a collaborative space to develop end-to-end solutions covering the full spectrum of silicon technology, from new interconnect and packaging technologies that enable three-dimensional (3D) stacking of chips to leading-edge photomasks for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography and everything in between. The TDC will also house important post-production capabilities, including ETest, Bump and Probe, which are increasingly needed at the foundry location for fast yield feedback and to support customer business models.

The Fab 8 campus is an ideal home for the company’s leading-edge technology development activities.  The proximity of the IBM Joint Development Alliance activities in East Fishkill and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at the University of Albany, combined with the growing presence of technology development personnel on the Fab 8 campus, have helped make New York’s “Tech Valley” a global center for next-generation technologies.

Renderings of Fab 8 campus with TDC renderings

“This significant expansion demonstrates that the investments we have made in nanotechnology research across New York State are producing the intended return— the creation of high-paying jobs and generation of economic growth that is essential to rebuilding our state,” said New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.  “New York has become the world’s hub for advanced semiconductor research and now, the Technology Development Center will further help ensure the innovations developed in New York, in collaboration with our research institutions, are manufactured in New York.”

Speaking about the announcement, CNSE Senior Vice President and CEO Dr. Alain Kaloyeros said, “The expansion of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities, supported by new investments and location of new high-tech research and development jobs at the College of Nanoscale Science and engineering, will fuel exciting opportunities for both residents and businesses across New York State, in accordance with Governor Cuomo ‘New York Open for Business’ strategy, and continue to pave the way for long-term economic growth and prosperity catalyzed by computer chip innovations.”

The company plans to begin construction in early 2013 with completion targeted for late 2014.  Since breaking ground on Fab 8 in 2009, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has created approximately 2,000 new direct jobs and that number is expected to grow by another 1,000 employees for a total of about 3,000 new jobs by the end of 2014.   

Quick Facts about the TDC

  • Three-level building with approximately 550,000 gross square feet of varying occupancy types
  • Approximately 90,000 square feet of flexible cleanroom space
  • Approximately 108,000 square feet of clean space to support a range of technology development and manufacturing activities
  • The additional investment in the TDC will increase the total capital investment for the Fab 8 campus to approximately $8.5 billion

For more information on the TDC, check out these resources and articles 

Fox & Friends Features GLOBALFOUNDRIES As One of the Country’s Top Hiring Companies

The economy, employment rates and global competitiveness continue to be the focus of major news stories in the United States. Most recently, the July jobs report showed the U.S. added 160,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate is now at 8.3 percent.  Last week, the highly rated morning show, Fox & Friends, featured GLOBALFOUNDRIES as one of the top five companies hiring in the country. A product of the largest public-private partnership in New York history, our Fab 8 has already created nearly 1,500 permanent jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs in New York, with more growth on the horizon.

The segment kicks off discussing the job market in New York and reports that GLOBALFOUNDRIES will hire 600 new employees around the country, with 350 of these openings in Saratoga County. Among the positions we’re hiring for, the top openings include water fab operators, technicians, engineers and managers. We also recently announced plans to expand Fab 8’s clean room to meet growing customer demand, which will create an additional 300 jobs.

This year the Capital Region has grown in popularity and is quickly developing a reputation as a technology hub. This spring Forbes magazine even named Albany-Schenectady one of America’s best cities for jobs. The segment also featured another local company, Lockheed Martin, a top defense contractor with a branch in Saratoga Springs. Lockheed currently has 6,500 job openings worldwide, including IT, engineering and program management.

As the Capital Region continues to grow, new technology, collaboration and advanced manufacturing should continue to draw talent to the area. Watch the full Fox & Friends segment to find out more.

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer To Feature Fab 8 in “Made in America” Series


David Muir talks to a class of Ballston Spa High School students at the HVCC TEC-SMART campus. The students are part of the Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School program. Many of the students expressed an interest in eventually starting a career in high-tech at GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

On Monday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m., ABC World News with Diane Sawyer will feature GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Fab 8 in its special “Made in America” series. The segment will focus on how Fab 8 is is bringing high-quality jobs to U.S. residents and improving the local economy.

Earlier this month, David Muir from ABC World News spent a day touring Fab 8 and speaking with local students, teachers and businesses owners in the community who are already seeing the positive impact of the company’s new advanced manufacturing operations.

Rear Admiral David W. Titley Visits Fab 8; Discusses Hiring Initiatives for Military Veterans

Rear Admiral David W. Titley speaks at Fab 8.

On April 26, Rear Admiral David W. Titley, assistant deputy chief of Naval operations for information dominance, visited GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Fab 8 to tour the facility and learn more about the Fab’s economic impact in the region and the company’s efforts to hire U.S. military veterans; to date, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has hired approximately 100 veterans to work at Fab 8.

Rear Admiral Titley’s visit was part of the U.S. Navy’s 50/50 Program, an outreach effort which features 50 senior Navy leaders in 50 cities throughout the country. His two-day visit to the Capital Region included visits with corporate executives, community leaders, government officials, local universities and community colleges, and members of the media to discuss the Navy’s mission, capabilities and relevance to national security and the impacts to the Capital Region.

Rear Admiral Titley met with GLOBALFOUNDRIES executives to discuss the company’s hiring initiatives for U.S. military veterans. The company is working to recruit more military veterans at Fab 8, working closely with the NYSDOL and participating in veteran specific job fairs at Fort Drum and the NYSDOL Veterans Career event.

Rear Admiral David W. Titley.

Enabling the Next Generation of Packaging Innovation

Today we announced a significant milestone on the road to enabling 3D stacking of chips for next-generation mobile and consumer applications. At our Fab 8 campus in Saratoga County, NY, we recently began installation of a special set of production tools to create Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) in semiconductor wafers processed on our leading-edge 20nm technology platform.

In the following video, we sat down with David McCann, senior director of packaging R&D, to get a better sense of the significance of this announcement, as well as GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ overarching strategy to enable next-generation packaging technologies.